Information Assurance

Interim CISO

Virtual CISO


The CISO role is obviously a very demanding role, with new information security standards being released and updated continuously such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS; even then, regulation will only cover a part of the information assurance requirements of your organisation, and the CISO must therefore not only master the IA brief in full, but also understand all aspects of your business. Unsurprisingly, these individuals can be hard to find and retain.  

CNS consultants can provide an interim solution to fill short term vacancies such as Head of Information Security, IS Director or CISO.

Using CNS in this way offers a number of benefits:

  • Time: Interim consultants can be in place within days which is essential when clients need high quality resources at short notice in order to avoid periods where key roles are unfilled.
  • Experience: CNS consultants are highly experienced and can quickly understand the business needs and can make an immediate impact, being productive from the outset.  Our consultants work across the spectrum of strategy to project delivery and typically have a broad base of experience.
  • Independence: CNS is independent of outsourcing firms and Systems Integrators.  CNS has no agenda other than the client’s agenda and CNS consultants can be trusted to impartially manage a mixed supplier base.

Many of our clients will go further and subscribe to our vCISO service for a longer period of time.