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In the ever uncertain world of cyber threats an unprecedented amount of importance is put on cyber security. The experts at CNS Hut3 have dedicated their lives to being right at the bleeding edge of cyber security so that they can help others defend themselves against hack, breach or attack.

Hut3 services breakdown in to two disciplines:

Information Assurance

CNS Hut3 is the ideal consultancy to deal with your IA concerns. All Hut3 consultants have operational experience, so we appreciate that IA issues cannot be met with limitless budget or time and solutions. We have to be pragmatic and put the individual business under consideration.

We have a multitude of tailored programmes and assessment methodologies that will ensure that your information security goals are met. Our analysis is delivered across all facets of your business and not just information technology: physical, process, personnel and technology to ensure a balanced risk based approach is delivered effectively across your business in a consistent and cost effective manner.

Security Assessment

CNS Hut3 Security Testing team are phenomenal at what they do. Their reputation precedes them and their skills are second to none. They have more accreditation, degrees and qualifications between them than they'd care to mention. By testing and assessing how secure your systems are can they demonstrate how a hacker, no matter how determined, would exploit holes, vulnerabilities, errors or oversights.

The CNS Code

The CNS Group board continually strives to promote a strong working ethic across all areas of CNS Group's business operation. This culture, which underpins our approach, has helped CNS to achieve excellence through collective effort, mutual support and a willingness to share expertise.  The board is committed to working with the CNS' Senior Management Teams and staff alike, to continue providing excellent services to its highly valued client base in response to an ever changing landscape of business challenges.
Our key values:
  • To be responsive: to our customers at all times, no news isn't good news.
  • To be adaptable: to ever changing: threat landscapes, market conditions, technology, user requirements, regulation, customer needs.
  • To be focused and dedicated: to our subject matter and our customers.
  • To improve; continually.

CNS' customers vary in size, from FTSE 100 and large public sector organisations to SMEs, but are united in the importance of digital information to their business and in their desire for pragmatic, knowledgeable help in securing their systems and data and meeting their connectivity requirements.

By working with us, you can be assured of access to the latest security intelligence; to an understanding of the latest regulatory requirements; and to experts in IT security and Information Assurance. 

You can rely on the fact that your business infrastructure is protected and secure, enabling you to focus on other business priorities. CNS will remain at your side, managing and updating your network and security as often as you want; saving you time, worry and expense. Our consultants will assess your current state, and work with you to plan, justify and implement necessary improvements.


The original CNS (Convergent Network Solutions Ltd) was set-up in 1999 in the City of London. Over the year CNS has built an excellent reputation for information security and networking consultancy & services to our customers across a variety of sectors on a global scale. The company is wholly owned by its employees and directors.

In 2010 after steady growth CNS embarked on developing their own platform for the provision of Managed Security and Compliance Service. This platform, the COMPLIANCEngine, has now been recognised and highly commended by the UK IT Industry with awards in 2012.

In 2012 in order to facilitate further growth and to ensure continual improvement in quality, focus and specialisation the CNS Group was set-up along with Hut3 and Mosaic.

*CNS Hut3 is named after the hut in Bletchly Park that housed Ultra Intelligence during the second world war.

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